Fundraise for your own cause

Harness the power of Kenshi Candles as a unique fundraising tool to support your charity or any cause close to your heart. We offer you the opportunity to utilise the money people are already spending on candles and gifts to raise money for your charity. 

Here's how it works: We provide you with our high-quality candles at our low wholesale price, allowing you to maximise your fundraising potential. You can then sell the candles, and the entire margin you make from each sale goes directly towards your cause. This means that 100% of the profits generated through candle sales will be dedicated to supporting your charity.

To further personalise the fundraising experience, we can customise the Kenshi booklets that come with each candle to include information about your charity and outlining how the funds raised contribute to specific initiatives. This way, not only are you offering a beautiful and fragrant product to supporters, but you're also providing them with a tangible connection to the cause they are supporting.

By leveraging Kenshi Candles as a fundraising tool, you can tap into the existing market for candles and gifts while simultaneously raising awareness and financial support for your charity or cause.

Charities we support

Beyond funding just pasta, Kenshi has also helped over 100 charities raise hundreds of thousands of dollars!  We have funded projects in Australia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Uganda, South Africa, Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Myanmar.