What is your impact?

As a social enterprise, we donate a minimum of 50% of our profit towards funding pasta for people experiencing food insecurity here in Australia and around the world. From the beginning, being transparent and honest about the giving we are doing has been very central to the Kenshi story. That’s why, rather than donating a percentage of profit, we donate a concrete amount per candle so that you know the impact that your purchase is making.

Every candle and diffuser sold online is directly funding 2kg of pasta which we buy ourselves and donate directly to food charities working on a grass roots level here in Australia. Because we donate pasta rather than money, there is no middleman or intermediary taking a cut and you can be sure that 100% of the donation from your purchase is going directly to those who need it most.

Why Pasta & Rice?

Pasta & Rice are the most in demand food items needed by all food charities in Australia. They provide a valuable source of fibre, protein and various minerals but unfortunately since they are staple foods with a long shelf life, donations are always in short supply. This is why Kenshi has partnered with Make A Difference Community to help buy pallet loads of pasta & rice every month that are donated directly to food charities around the country.

Make A Difference Community?

Kenshi is a proud member of the Make A Difference Community who are a group of like-minded businesses dedicated to eradicating hunger in Australia from each sale they make. At the end of every month Kenshi transfers the money required to fund the pasta to Make A Difference Community and 100% of that money buys pasta and rice.

If you spend money on anything from cleaning services to real estate agents or photocopiers, you could be funding pasta for people doing it tough in Australia. Visit Make A Difference Community for more information. 

Click here to see the receipts of food purchased over the last few years.