Hand Poured in Melbourne

At Kenshi, we take immense pride in the meticulous craftsmanship behind every single candle we offer. All our candles are hand poured in-house, ensuring the utmost care and attention to detail at every step of the process, from wicking and pouring to labelling and packaging. Our journey began with Liam, who poured the very first candles on the kitchen bench. From the beginning a deep-rooted focus on quality has been central to Kenshi’s mission, with each individual candle receiving the personal touch it deserves. We firmly believe that this commitment to detail shines through in the finished product, enhancing the ambiance and experience our candles bring to your space.


From humble beginnings on the kitchen bench, candle production soon outgrew its space and found a new home in the family garage. It was here that we purchased our first double boiler to melt the wax and Liam would pour large batches of candles getting help from friends on weekends and school holidays to label and package. 

Today, all our candles are handcrafted by a talented team of Chin refugees from Myanmar in our new factory located in Sunshine, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The Chin community have faced immense hardship, having been forced to flee their homes over a decade ago due to the oppressive government in Myanmar. After a long and arduous journey, the Chin people were eventually granted refugee status and arrived in Melbourne to start a new life. However, due to language barriers, some members of the Chin community struggle to secure traditional jobs in Australia. Now, the production of the candles is able to provide these members of the Chin community with vital income so they can support themselves and their families. This collaboration between Kenshi and the Chin community exemplifies what Kenshi stands for as a social enterprise. In working with the Chin community not only are the profits from each candle making a difference by funding pasta for people in need, the very labour that goes in to making our candles is helping the Chin refugee community in Melbourne.