World Youth International

World Youth International envisage a world in which young people grow up confident in themselves and their abilities, with high self-esteem, courage and passion for their lives and the lives of all humanity; a world which young people live in a supportive and harmonious environment receiving educational opportunities and share in a commitment to a safe, clean and sustainable future for our planet.

They have supported thousands of people in developing countries transform their own lives and the future of their communities. The organisation, through the work of its extraordinary volunteers and supporters, has already been able to complete a number of major projects including the building of a school in Gokarna, Nepal, which now has more than 500 children attending each year and is placed in the top schools academically; supporting many income generating projects in Western Kenya; and most recently the completion of our Odede Community Health Centre in Kenya. All of these projects are entirely locally run and working to towards becoming self-sustaining.

World Youth International knows first-hand just how powerful one person can be! They have been sending volunteers to Nepal and Kenya since 1992. Taking part in a placement not only overseas, but in a developing country, allows individuals to develop both personally and professionally. It is an amazing way to give back, make a difference and see the world.