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Super sorry about our price rise

As a social enterprise we have a very small GP margin to utilise to grow the business. Our primary focus is to provide employment for the Chin refugee community and fund as much food as possible for people doing it tough in Australia.

We were made aware by our wax supplier that the price of natural soy wax will continue to increase in 2023. Previous to this the prediction had been of a slight decrease /easing in wax pricing. There has been a constant rise in the global natural soy wax market of around 75% that began around 12 months ago and the last increase of 25% was in November.

For the last 6 to 9 months we have worked very hard at Kenshi to improve efficiencies as we felt it was important to try and keep our retail price under $40. In the last 9 months we have had increases on every component of our manufacturing including rent and wages.

Wax Pricing

 January 2023    $205
September 2022 $175
August  2022  $170
September 2022  $150
Early 2022 $120


Follow this link to an industry article detailing the key reasons for the huge increases in soy wax and the outlook for 2023. 

Effective February 1st we changed our price to $44.90 inc GST for our premium 400 gram triple scented candle. (from $39.90) Even at this new RRP it is important to note none of the major candle brands are selling a similar size candle for under $50 with the average being around $55. All have increased their prices by $5 to $9 in the last 12 months.

We would also remind you of our “Outstanding Quality Guarantee” that is printed prominently on our packaging. This applies to all opposition candles and especially the ones selling for over $50.

“If you believe this candle is not as good or better than any candle you have ever purchased please contact us for a full refund or replacement”.

We absolutely believe our new price continues to provide the best value for money in the candle market based on the 9.5% of essential oil in every candle and the use of the highest grade natural soy wax. 

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions and we really appreciate your support to make the world a better place from the money your customers already spend on candles and gifts.