Possible Dreams International


Possible Dreams International, Inc is a non-profit organisation which partners with rural and remote communities in the Kingdom of eSwatini (Swaziland), Southern Africa to empower families and individuals living with extreme poverty, malnutrition and endemic disease.

Since 20 June 2021, violence has raged across the Kingdom of Eswatini, as pro-democracy protests and demonstrations demanding political reform continue to spread. Pro-democracy activists have accused King Mswati III of repression and would like to see limitations to the king's powers; he has ruled the small kingdom for more than 30 years and the country is Africa's last absolute monarchy. Such groups have also raised concerns over endemic police brutality, and the heavy-handed response by the military during the crackdown on the protests.

As of 22 July 2021, over 50 people have died, dozens more have been hospitalized with gunshot wounds and many others were detained after the government deployed its army to help police break up protests and demonstrations.

Possible Dreams International embraces the power of Indigenous communities to address issues of HIV, poverty and endemic disease. We place the Indigenous leaders at the forefront, empowering the passions and skills of local individuals towards investment into one another and sustainable growth of their community. Now more than ever, Indigenous leaders and the communities we've partnered with need our solidarity and support, in order to survive the turmoil and continue to protect their most vulnerable members from the violence and destruction. 

Together we continue to strive towards the Swazi ideal: ‘Umuntu, Ngumuntfu, Ngebantfu’ – I exist because others exist; I matter because we matter; I am because We are.

Over $10 from each candle will help break the poverty cycle for the most vulnerable remote communities in the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swaziland).